Olympia's Puppies

Shadow (Flatmeer Flutterring)
Olympia (Flatmeer Fleurette)

The day after Valentine's Day, Shadow's luck was finally in and he was mated to Olympia;
this resulted in 6 puppies - 3 dogs & 3 bitches being born on 16th April 2015.
As both Shadow & Olympia are PHPT gene negative, all 6 puppies are also PHPT gene negative (by descent).
They all follow in their Great Grandma Melba's pawsteps by being very enthusiastic, loud singers!!

The new arrivals on days 1, 2 and 3
Bigger & fatter on day 12

Have a look at them in motion on Youtube

Puppy Video 1

Puppy Video 2

Puppy Video 3

Puppy Video 4

Tooin - Flatmeer Fleurting
is staying at home with mum
Liath - Flatmeer Flutterby
has gone to live in Scotland with
Brian, Liz and Jade

Neve - Flatmeer Flipper
lives in the North of Scotland
with Joe and Marie

Fenris - Flatmeer Flipside
now lives with Lisa, Pepper & Elsa
in Derbyshire
Harley - Flatmeer Flipflop
has gone to live in Leeds with
the Kewley family
JeyJey - Flatmeer Flipover
now lives in North Wales with
his Uncle Milo