Flatmeer Family Fotos

L-R Shadow, Fenris, Olympia & Delco November 2015

Milo and JeyJey - It's hard work being a puppy                                      Shadow and Delco

L-R : Ennis, Fortune, Flynn - 2014                              2015   Finn and Tomtom 'Fancy a game?'
Ollie, Finn & Kosta June 2013 : Fortune, Ennis, Keisha & Flynn : Harley, Foo and some carrots

Flynn & Fortune on Fortune's 11th birthday
Kosta & Olympia at the Springs April 2013
Delco & Shadow : Fortune, Boppa, Chakka & Buzz : Kosta, Bosun & Olympia
The girls posing on the steps June 08 Boppa & Bosun at Crufts 09 BB & Fortune under the desk

Melba finds her bone Who are you looking at?? Bopps finds her bone while Fortune looks on
 Prefered style of relaxing
something smells good - Bopps, Fortune & Melba It even snows on the beach
Boppa Buzz Fortune Delco Merlin Fortune & Melba
Boppa, Buzz, Fortune, Delco & Merlin Elegance personified : Fortune & Melba relax

Teddy & Cara Teddy & Cara
Teddy & Cara at the seaside
Melba Fortune Buzz Delco Rumour Xander Buzz Fortune Boppa Xander Rumour Delco
Organising a photoshoot 1 Organising a photoshoot 2
Flynn & BB have tongues at the ready Flynn says Hi! to Holly Boppaleulah demonstrates correct
back-scratching technique to Merlin
Delco with Xander & Rumour
BB, Flynn & Fortune take the air Delco (left) with friends Xander & Rumour
Waiting Part 1

Fortune guards the washing

Waiting Part 2
Bosune 7 Kylie in the Lakes
Bosun & Kylie on a day out There's always one
Codi Buzz cuddling Melba
A young England supporter
Isn't it nice to be loved?
Codi on a Welsh beach Kylie & Buzz on the beach Melba on the beach
What on earth are you supposed do with these fishing nets?
Kylie is being shown the art of being a
beach bum by her dad Buzz
Melba already knows!
Football Fans The family visits
Buzz's grandma Keesha (front centre) came to stay with
his cousins Bliss (front left) and Sophie (front right).
The home team retained the rights to the bed.
A tense moment for Netherlands fans as Denis Bergkamp is fouled in the area. Ruud van Nistelrooy steps up to take the penalty
Silver in the Oven
Silver indulges in a bit of housework  
Fortune in the snow Zipper & Katy Fortune asleep
Fortune likes snow Zipper's brief career as a toyboy Pathetic or what?
4 on a stump Synchronised  nose wiping from Bops and Buzz
L to R : Buzz, Chakka, Boppaleulah and Zipper Synchronised nose wiping from Bops & Buzz
3 sisters 1st Utility Group
Ann with Kayla and Janet with Fortune and Flossie Fortune & Chakka winning the Utility Group Brace at Birmingham National May 2004 ;
handled by Jane
Veteran siblings Holiday dogs
Boppa and her brother Smokey compete for the Best Veteran in Show title at the North of England Keeshond Club Championship Show in November 2004 (Boppa won!) The Zanvoort bunch came to visit
(plus Annie the Sheltie)