Kosta's Puppies

Fikke (Erec von Hochkirchen)
born 9th July 2002
The happy couple
Kosta (Flatmeer Fleurtation)
born 9th December 2009

In the Summer of 2012 Kosta went on holiday to Germany where she was mated to Fikke
On 14th August 4 puppies were born - 2 dogs & 2 bitches.
As Fikke is PHPT Gene Negative (tested) & Kosta is PHPT Gene Negative (by descent)
all 4 puppies are PHPT Gene Negative (by descent).

Kosta with pups on Day 1 & on Day 10 & Day 21 & at 7 weeks still hungry!
At 2 Days - snoozing At 1 week old - still snoozing
At 10 days - a bit of movement At 2 weeks - speeding up
First trip outside at 2 1/2 weeks
Ready to escape at 4 weeks
Ennis & Farah (to be renamed as Finn) : Nail clipping at 4 weeks : Alert
A group snooze
At 5 weeks
Snoozing in the garden at 5 weeks
Milo (Wiggo) : All 4 in the kitchen
Finn (Farah) having his tummy scratched : Finn on top of the world : Olympia & Ennis posing in the kitchen

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(Flatmeer Flutlicht)
Milo has gone to live with Nia & Steve in North Wales & needs to learn Welsh.

(Flatmeer Fleurette)
Ollie has stayed at the Flatmeer mansion with mom.
(Flatmeer Fledermaus)
Finn has gone to Dundee to live with Alistair

(Flatmeer Flustern)
Ennis has gone to live with Sue, Steve & Keysha near Leicester

Videos of Kosta's puppies running around and making A LOT OF NOISE are on Youtube - Links below

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