Fortune's Second Litter

Fortune Oscar
Flatmeer Fleur de Lys (Fortune) & Kingkeesy Ringmaster (Oscar)

One week old - the guineapig stage 

In March 2007 Fortune was mated to Kingkeesy Ringmaster (Oscar) and four puppies were born on May 31st, three dogs, Shadow, Flynn & Merlin, and one bitch, BB. The main noise associated with this lot is SLURP! Boy are they fat!
As both Oscar & Fortune have been tested PHPT gene negative, all four puppies are PHPT gene negative by descent.

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Tragically BB died in October 2010 aged 3 1/2. We all miss her

Due to a change in family circumstances, Shadow is now living happily with his half-brother, Delco
My Toys!
Flynn (AKA Lucifer, AKA the Dark One)
has joined Holly, Jodie & Jonty in Jane's Leicestershire menagerie
Due to illness in the family Merlin now has a new home with Sarah and her children