Buzz & Fortune's Litter

The Tenors and Dames at 2 weeks old
In the centre: Bosun, Delco, Harley & Codi
At the ends: Melba and Kylie

In the spring of 2005 Fortune (Flatmeer Fleur de Lys) was mated to Buzz (Flatmeer Flonkeren) and on March 22nd 6 puppies were born - 4 dogs & 2 bitches. They made so much noise; squealing, squeaking, growling, yelping etc. that they were, initially, named after opera singers. However, Kiri was renamed Kylie by her owner and other changes followed so we ended up with just the one high-brow pup; Melba.

As both Buzz & Fortune are PHPT gene negative (tested), all their puppies are PHPT gene negative by descent.
The Boys are Codi (F. Fluweel), Bosun (F. Flonkerlicht), Harley (F. Flaneur) and Delco (F. Fluiter).
The Girls are Melba (F. Fleurig) and Kylie (F. Fluisteraar).

  • 2006
    None of the puppies have been shown a lot, but all have managed good placings when done so; Melba & Bosun both ended their puppyhood on a high note with Melba being Best Puppy in Show at the North of England's March Open under Dutch judge Drs Corrie Saes (beating Bosun, who was Best Puppy Dog) and not to be out done,
    Bosun achieved Reserve Best Puppy in Show at Lancashire & DCS. Since being juniors Melba, Kylie, Bosun & Codi have all had 1st places at Championship Shows. As a team they managed to win the Utility Group Breeders Stakes at Blackpool Ch Show in June.
    Delco has been showing what a well trained keesie can do in the obedience ring and has already been placed in large classes.
  • 2007
    Melba & Bosun have kept the Flatmeer flag flying with Melba winning the North of England Keeshond Club's Vanglede Trophy for most wins at Club Shows in 2006, with a record 36 points; Bosun coming 2nd to his sister with 24 points. He also won the Ruyde of Rayverne Special BeginnersTrophy. None have been shown much, but Bosun managed 3 x 1st places & 3 x 2nd places at 4 Championship shows and Kylie 2 x 1st places at the North of England's Ch show.
  • 2008
    The year started with Bosun winning the
    North of England Keeshond Club's Vanglede Trophy for most wins at Club Shows in 2007, with a credible 25 points - 1 point more than last year! Then came Crufts' where both Melba & Bosun won their respective classes & a very out of coat Kylie got a 4th place.
  • 2009
    Apart from Club Shows, the only Ch show Bosun attended was Cruft's where for the 2nd year running he won a 1st place. Melba settled for maternity duties
    & had 3 puppies on the 7th December.

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Bosun : Flatmeer Flonkerlicht
moved to the Lake District to live with Sheila and Bracken the German Spitz Mittel
Delco : Flatmeer Fluiter
moved to sunny Doncaster to be trained in the Art of Obedience by Lynn - hmmm!  
Harley : Flatmeer Flaneur
has gone to live with his uncle Foo in Birmingham
Codi : Flatmeer Fluweel
lives in Harrogate with Lucie
& Suzanne
Kylie : Flatmeer Fluisteraar
another export to the Lake District living with Ann & Eric and training with brother Bosun
Melba : Flatmeer Fleurig
Melba has stayed at the Flatmeer Mansion with mom & pop and giddy great grandma Boppaleulah 

Winners of the Pedigree Breeders' Stakes Utility group at Blackpool 2006, L to R : Codi, Bosun, Kylie, Melba