In September 1995 Zipper arrived as a surprise birthday present. He was quickly renamed "The Furry Cannonball".

Zipper:Photo by John Jackson
Zipper : Foxifayre Beautiful Noise (Ch Vanwall Comanche Chief x Ch Norkees Hot Pursuit from Foxifayre) 26.06.95 - 14.11.06
He won many red cards at Championship Shows and was part of the Foxifayre team that was the outright winner of the
Breeders Stakes at the National Championship Show at Birmingham in May 1999.
He also won the Galdrik Cup for Top Stud Dog in 2000 as a result of the successes of his son Buzz and daughter Chakka.

Zipper at 18 months Beach Bum Zipper at 2 years old
At 18 months Fully grown beach bum At 2 years old

In April 1997 Zipper was joined by Boppaleulah AKA "The Mobile Cheese Disposal Unit"

Love at first sight?   On the Show trail together

Boppaleulah : Colpatron Secret Dreams of Flatmeer
(Ch Boreasvale Bargeboy x Colpatron Devine Charissa) born 15.01.97
She was only shown a few times as a puppy as she didn't like the ring, but upon becoming a grandmother Boppaleulah
changed her mind and has had a successful show career as a Veteran. Winning several brace classes with both her daughter Chakka
and grand daughter Fortune, a couple of Best of Breeds at Open Shows and as a runner up in the Eukanuba Golden Oldie of the Year,
Boppaleulah ended 2004 by being Best Veteran in Show at the North of England Keeshond Club's Championship Show
and winning the Club's Annual Vanglede Memorial Trophy for the most wins at the Club's Shows - not bad for an oldie!!
Showing in 2005 was somewhat limited by the arrival of her great grandchildren, but she made an appearance at the
North of England Keeshond Club's Open Show in July and was Best Veteran in Show;
followed by 1st Veteran Bitch at Darlington Ch Show.
2006 had few show outings, but german judge Peter Machetanz made her 1st Veteran Bitch at the North of England Keeshond Club's Ch Show.
Due to the arrival of some more great grand children in 2007 Boppaleulah only attended one show - the North of England Keeshond Club's Ch Show, where she was 1st Special Vintage Bitch. In 2008 she managed to attend a few more club shows winning: 2 x 1st places at the March show,
1st place and Best Veteran in show in July and a 1st & a 2nd place at the club's Ch show.
2009 got off to a good start with Boppaleulah winning (for the 2nd time) the the NoE Keeshond Club's Annual Vanglede Memorial Trophy
for the most wins at the Club's Shows in 2008 and winning a 2nd place in Veteran Bitch at Crufts - not bad for a 12 year old!!!

Basket destruction a speciality Beach Bum Posing in the park : Photo John Jackson
At 12 weeks Another Beach Bum At 4 Years old
Delinquent great grandmother at 8 years old
Enjoying the garden in 2007 aged 10 12 years old & still enjoying the snow
Boppa at Crufts March 2009 Sunbathing August 2010

Sadly, after a long illness, Boppa had to put down in November 2010

Boppaleulah only had one litter but it was the start of the Flatmeer line.
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