Chakka's Puppies Page2

KAYLA : Flatmeer Flanders Flower
Tragically, Kayla was killed in a road accident at the age of 18 months. She was much loved by Ann & Eric

At 6 months Walkies At 10 months

ASHBY : Flatmeer Flash Harry
A relaxed dog owned by J & J Hawkes

At 6 months On holiday at 10 months The official 1st Birthday Photo
Continuing the relaxed theme It's hard work being a watchdog
A bit more relaxation Ashby with his friend, Digby in 2005 On the prowl 2008 More please! 2009
7th Birthday #1 Out and about Feb09 7th Birthday #2
On the beach May 09 Barking in the snow with Rigly Dec 09
8th Birthday                  Ashby & Rigly beach boxing Ashby at 9
11th birthday photos
Ashby in 2014
On his 13th birthday


TOBY : Flatmeer Flapjack
Toby is owned by Ms C Blance

At 16 weeks At 7 months The 1st Birthday Photo
Following Ashby's lead Just like his grandfather  
In the snow Feb09 7th Birthday #1` Pathetic 7th Birthday #2 Christmas 09
Toby at 8 : Toby in 2010
Toby on his 11th birthday : 12th Birthday 2014

FOO : Flatmeer Flynn
Foo is owned by Craig Egerton

At 9 months Let me in
This dog means business Foo exhibiting standard Flatmeer behaviour  

SHONA : Flatmeer Fluerette
Shona writes ; Please note, I only allow photos when I have NOT been brushed. I am a celebrity in my own right, always being stopped and fussed over.

Shona at 18 months