Buzz's Third Litter (Sibkees)

In the spring of 2007 Buzz was introduced to Rakuschki (Liefkees Igruschka)
Two puppies, 1 dog - Teddy & 1 bitch - Cara, were born on 27th June

As both Buzz & Rakuschki are PHPT gene negative (tested), both puppies are PHPT gene negative by descent

TEDDY (Sibkees Cool As Ice)
Teddy lives in Dorset with Lesley and Norman

Teddy sitting at 9 weeks Teddy jumping at 9 weeks Teddy standing at 9 weeks

CARA (Sibkees Forgotten Dream)
Cara lives in Devon at the Sibkees mansion with her mum, grandma and extended family

Cara at 9 weeks Cara at 6 months
Cara at 6 months Cara at 6 months